Discrimination arises when you are treated unfairly in your workplace. There are different types of discrimination, but discrimination should cause some annoyance or nuisance in front of claims. Discrimination also means that you were treated differently from other employees.
The primary sources of discrimination are:
• Gender discrimination
• Age discrimination
• Racial discrimination
• Discrimination based on disability
• Religious Discrimination
Forms of Discrimination
In addition to these various types of discrimination, there are several ways in which discrimination may occur. These include:
• Direct discrimination
• Indirect discrimination
• Harassment
• Victimization
We will discuss each form of discrimination more accurately.
Direct discrimination
This is pretty self-explanatory since your employer treats you less favorably than another employee.
Indirect discrimination
This happens when you are at work due to a working condition or a rule that applies to your discriminated employer. This could also be forced to wear certain types of clothing or have a shaved head, which would bring some religious groups at a disadvantage.
If you have for your employer or colleagues mocked or harassed you to inflict embarrassment or crime, this can lead to harassment. The most common form of harassment is sexual harassment.
Victimization occurs when you are treated less favorably than other workers. This could happen if other employees are consistently presented for further education or social events.
Regardless of the type of discrimination you feel, a victim, you should immediately raise the problem to your employer. You have the right to have someone with you if you have the problem with them, and if a subsequent disciplinary procedure is done, you are entitled to have representation also with you.
If you do not believe your discrimination problem can be solved satisfactorily, you should seek legal advice to explain your options.
If you do not receive a complaint with your employer’s file and the response I receive or expect you will need to decide whether to take further action or accept your answer. If you choose to take additional measures, will submit a request as soon as possible to the Labor Court after the event, claiming to be their discrimination

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