Criminal Defense

A criminal defense lawyer is a practitioner specialized in the defense of people who have allegedly committed a crime. These lawyers are often called public defenders. The accused is known as a defendant. 

Most law enforcement officers begin their careers as prosecutors. If it is a prosecutor, court proceedings have a plaintiff because the party that carries the accusation against the defendants is a public computer. When a company is sued and have no means to get the services of a lawyer, an attorney will be provided by the state; This rarely happens because accused units usually have their attorney in any case.In a court ruling, defender of the law uses doubt to throw the accusation case. While on the other hand, the work of the prosecutor’s jury bordering to convince them that the wrong side of the law is accused of the doubt. The defender will not try to prove the innocent’s innocence because the law states that a defendant is “innocent until his guilt is established.” But if there is existing evidence that a client can justify, the defender must play their cards properly. Already as defendants the accused is obliged to represent, there are restrictions on this. The defense can not consciously lie a witness on the stand deliberately. And he can not deliberately be in court. And so prevents the defendant from saying whether he is guilty or not. Without this information, the defense strategy can remain adaptive.

On the other hand, there are some cases in which it is important that the defender knows the truth so that he can plan a strategy to reduce the penalty for presenting the case at the most positive angle. This will apply if one does not find an indisputable truth of guilt. In such situations, the defender wins the petition before hearing the case, or sometimes the case is acquitted if the extenuating circumstances are sufficient.

Even if a prosecutor has a considerably high income, the defender will be paid afterward. This is because wealthy defendants are willing to spread good money so that they can have the best chance of staying out of jail. Even to get some lawyers defending a celebrity status because of the popularity of their case.

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