Civil Litigation


When most people think of the criminal justice system, they think of the police, prison, and dark criminals. However, the system is not as simple and as unified as that. It is another component that most people are also familiar with, even if you do not recognize. Civil litigation is a large part of our social system and covers all non-criminal aspects of life that may cause conflicts and solutions. The most common areas where such litigation is used include tenant-landlord disputes, neighborhood disputes, labor disputes such as employee compensation claims and other sectors such as misconduct claims or a school district; And unlike the small claims court in which neither of the parties an attorney in court civil litigation can often require them to have a solicitor of the parties to help solve the problem successfully.

Civilian litigations usually begin with a conflict between two parties which is not easily resolved. The next stage begins when one or both parties have legal advice. Once you reach this level, the attorney will thoroughly investigate the complaint and, if there is a case, go to the next phase that submits the complaint in writing and notify the other party.

This formal documentation is called Pleadings.

The next step is an exchange of information and facts between the two parts of the evidence should be submitted to the court. On the other hand, if both parties feel their case is strong enough to win, he continues with a pre-negotiation and then an attempt and then, of course, with a study. At any time, any party can try, rather than risk, to settle the judgment of a court.

Since this type of litigation has no prison or criminal record by the losing party, no party can be appointed a court that is called as a defendant in a criminal court. So, if you are willing to follow the civil lawsuit, you must be prepared for the cost of your lawyer and other court costs. Some cases can be handled quite quickly and in other situations can last for years, depending on the degree of severity and the amount of money that each party can afford to pull them. Cigarette companies, for example, were known for discussing the proceedings against them for years and fought all the lawsuits that go against them for a longer time. So, depending on whom you go and the strength of your case and the depth of your own pockets, you may be in for a long struggle.

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