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Who We Are

Oglesby & Oglesby, LPA. got its start from the late Attorney RB Oglesby, Esq. RB Oglesby was the tenth child of Isiah and Lurlia Oglesby. After graduation from Sandusky High School and being honorably discharged from the United States Navy RB obtained an undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University and a Juris Doctorate from Howard University Law School. RB was the third member of his family to attend a historically black college; other brothers attended and graduated from Florida A&M and North Carolina A&T. RB’s older siblings and parents, through a good work ethic,  put the younger siblings through college.  RB Oglesby was sworn in as an attorney on March 23, 1955. A week after Mr. Oglesby was sworn in as an attorney, Geoffrey Oglesby, was born. Twenty-seven years later in 1982 RB Oglesby and Geoffrey formed Oglesby & Oglesby Law Firm, two years later RB’s daughter Lurlia Oglesby joined the firm. The descendants of Isiah and Lurlia Oglesby and their families, while all not working at Oglesby & Oglesby, have three generations of attorneys that have attended law schools ranging from historically black Howard University Law School to historical Harvard University Law School.

From 1982 to RB Oglesby’s death on August 14, 1995, Oglesby & Oglesby was an aggressive law firm in the zealous representation of the rights of the clients. The work ethic passed down through the generations continued.  Between Geoffrey and RB the two had numerous jury trial and appellate victories. There were times when RB and Geoffrey would have trials in the courthouse at the same time. During that same time, Oglesby & Oglesby hired numerous associates and became one of the larger minority-owned firms in the state of Ohio.  During that time Oglesby & Oglesby had many firsts in the area of diversity.

Now, Oglesby & Oglesby LPA. is one of the most, if not the most, diverse firms in the area. The diversity of the law firm is a client benefit as the utilization of various views from different backgrounds is an asset in understanding the nuances of jury selection, dealing with an adversary and ultimately winning. Most importantly diversity plays a major role in understanding the client’s needs, wants and goals.  The firm is client oriented in that the client will have a full understanding of the client’s needs, wants, and goals. Whether it is a criminal case, a civil case. A firm that is based on a firm that is, and was, historically rich in work ethic, tradition and community involvement puts the client and the firm as an advantage as we take your case from start to conclusion.

The attorneys in the firm, with over 75 years of experience, now have the same work ethic that the firm had at the time RB Oglesby was licensed to practice law over 60 years ago. Lawyers in the firm are licensed in the State of Ohio, The United States District Court, Northern District of Ohio, The Sixth Circuit United States Court of Appeals, The Fifth Circuit United States Court of Appeals, New Orleans, Louisiana and the United States District Courts of Texas.

RB Oglesby was a former Erie County Prosecutor, Assistant Ohio Attorney General, Referee [now known as a magistrate] and private practitioner. For years RB Oglesby was the only minority attorney in Erie County and the Sandusky area. RB Oglesby was extremely active in the community, lifelong member of Second Baptist Church, Past President of the Erie County Bar Association, 33 Degree Mason, Grand Worshipful Master of the State of Ohio and on numerous boards and committees. RB Oglesby while attending Howard University met and married Department of Defense at the Pentagon employee the former Erciele Money Martin.